``My son, Jim, recently lost his 10 1/2 year old Rottweiler to cancer. 'Charlie' was full of personality and knew immediately if you were a good person or someone to avoid. He had the sweetest disposition and was my son's constant companion, loved by all who met him. Charlie helped him through some rough times, divorce and a major career change being just a few. He is deeply missed by everyone in our family as well as numerous friends. Jim wanted Charlie cremated and even though he lives in Atlanta, he chose Pet Cremation Services of Columbus for the cremation. I cannot tell you how pleased we were with the services provided by Trev Fuller. The building is beautiful and the equipment is state-of-the-art. What was most important was the compassion Trev showed our family; we felt he had know this man forever and yet had only just met him. He gave us all the time we needed to reminisce about Charlie and to say our goodbyes. He understands the bond people have with their pets - they are members of your family. We never felt pushed to make a quick decision - whatever we wanted was fine with him. Trev had provided Columbus with a wonderful service. Unfortunately, we lose our beloved pets, but we now have a way of keeping them near and dear no matter where we live.``

Testimonial Phyl Heam
Phyl Heam

``Your kindness was very much appreciated. Thanks so much for being there for our family and taking such good care of our baby!``

Testimonial Rob & Tina Apt
Rob & Tina Apt

``I wanted to that you again for the wonderful care you gave to me and my beloved baby, Gator. He was such a precious gift to me and my life has changed dramatically since his passing. I've always been a caregiver to animals and he was one that needed caring for, especially for the last two years. I am grief-stricken now but hope at some point in time I can laugh about his little crazy ways. You have treated us with such dignity and tenderness. I can tell you are such a genuine person and a man of faith. Thank you for listening to me and giving me some reassurance. I will never forget that gentleness you showed when you picked Gator up and returned him to me. Thank you again.``

Testimonial Pat Favors
Pat Favors

``A special thanks to you for being there for us during this tragedy. And a special thanks to God for making thoughtful people like you! God bless you for everything. Our family greatly appreciates the care you took during thins emotional time. We will always remember the compassion you showed towards Sasha and Kloiee.``

Testimonial Jeff and Nikki Bond
Jeff and Nikki Bond

``Mandy is a very precious part of the one who was once in a lifetime companion. Having it with me always keeps her close.``

Testimonial Marilou Novy
Marilou Novy

``Thank you so very much for the outstanding service I received during the loss of my beloved 'Bandit'. Your professionalism, kindness, and compassion were a great comfort to me during a very difficult time. I wish you much success and I will take every possible opportunity to recommend your business.``

Testimonial Sandy Preuitt
Sandy Preuitt

``Losing our beloved 'Checkers' was very difficult for us, but Trev has provided us with an everlasting remembrance of her. We are amazed at how much detail was in the casting, even down to the tiny hairs on her paw. Trev made the experience much easier for us with his professional, caring demeanor. We owe our gratitude to Trev for helping us through a very trying time.``

Testimonial Donna & John Rex
Donna & John Rex

``I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and your concern in helping me with 'Jake'. Our little friends leave us, but they are never forgotten. You helped make everything a little less painful.``

Testimonial Ben Satterwhite, DVM
Ben Satterwhite, DVM